Young Eagles Program

The Young Eagles program is sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). The goal of this effort is to acquaint one million children, from the ages of 8 up to the age of 18, with aviation by December 17, 2003 — the one-hundredth anniversary of the Wright brothers first powered flight. The local EAA organization supporting this special event is Chapter 88.

Contacts are initially made with Chapter 88’s Field Representative, Richard Kirkland, by various organizations such as schools, churches, individuals, etc. Then, several persons who support the operation are notified of the time and specific airport where these flights are to take place. These people include pilots, registration persons, ground school personnel, project people (those who help children build a small aircraft part), and those necessary to maintain an organized procedure. These people meet at the designated time (usually in a local airport hangar) and begin the ground process in preparation for the flight. A ride in an aircraft follows.

At the airport, the first step for the children, after having received their parent’s written consent, is to sign up for the awaited flight. The next step is to receive ground school where familiarization information is presented about the airplane. Included are a few principles of flight and safety items. The child is guided through construction of a small mechanical part, and finally the ride in an airplane is taken. After the flight a certificate is presented relating to the event. The data is finally forwarded to EAA headquarters in Oshkosh, WI.

Each person’s record is kept at EAA headquarters in Oshkosh, WI., in the world’s largest log book. An e-mail address allows each person who has access to the web, to see their name in the book. The web address is:

As of this date, approximately six-hundred thirty-three thousand have taken advantage of this opportunity, to be familiarized with aviation and to take an airplane ride. In Wichita, Richard Kirkland is the Field Representative (organizer) who gets the support people together. Chapter 88 has approximately 100 pilots who have, and are helping with the project.

The following table shows some of the people of Chapter 88 who help with the Young Eagles program. Included are ground persons and pilots who have flown 100 or more children. The chart is accurate to June 2000. Very little flying was performed during the hot months of summer. Fall flying has begun, and the list will include more children when the names are turned in to EAA Headquarters, and also more pilots will be included who have flown more than 100 children. Names are listed alphabetically.


# Flown


Ground School


Jerry L. Brady


Marty Benham

Stuart Davis

Francis Bailey

Tommy K. George


Marilyn George

Randy Fisher

Neal LaFrance

Clinton W. Grieve, Jr.


Darlene Kirkland

Randy Kessler

Bernie Moore

Kevin Harper


Marguerite Lawrence

Harold Walter


Richard E. Kirkland


Alvina Massey


Richard L. Massey


Phyllis McCollom


James R. McIrvin


Bobbie Walter


Paul Pritchard



Kevin W. Pullum



Some of the children are apprehensive about the airplane before the ride. It is rewarding for the support people to see big smiles and excitement exhibited afterward the airplane ride has been taken.