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We’re pleased that you chose to investigate aviation employment opportunities with the Kansas “big-six” aircraft manufacturing companies. We have endeavored to create the only single listing where you can find all Kansas aviation employment sources on one page. In future monthly updates, we will also be listing the multitude of sub-contract aviation and aerospace suppliers and sub-assemblers. We want this page to be your resource when it comes to finding the right job or career position within the industry.

There are six major aircraft companies in Kansas. Airbus/North American Wing Design, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems – Wichita, Bombardier Aerospace/Learjet, Cessna Aircraft Company, Spirit AeroSystems, and Raytheon Aircraft Company.

Each company uniquely contributes significantly to the Kansas economy and combined they continue to draw strong employment, totaling 45,100, with a total Kansas payroll of approximately $417,000,000.

  • It is estimated that $10 of every $100 in earnings in Kansas results from the aviation industry.
  • In Kansas, the aviation industry accounts for 21.5% of manufacturing employment.
  • Approximately $24 of every $100 earned in manufacturing in Kansas is generated by the aviation industry.
  • In the Wichita metro area, the aviation industry makes up more than 60% of manufacturing earnings.

Aviation and aerospace jobs and employment opportunity listings for the state include the following categories:

  • Aerospace/Aviation Engineering
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Technical Aviation
  • Aviation Management & Executive positions
  • Pilots & Flight Crews
  • Miscellaneous Aviation jobs

Aviation Company Listings:


The newest Airbus facility in the U.S., and the largest in terms of people-power, is in Wichita, Kansas. Airbus North America Engineering, Inc. opened in Spring 2002, is the first design and engineering venture for Airbus in North America and hosts some 140 engineers on the newest and largest Airbus aircraft: the A380.

To explore the opportunities, log on to http://www.airbus.com/work/


Boeing is a company of bold innovators and dreamers, continually looking for ways to build products bigger, smarter, faster, stronger and better. Find your future with Boeing by learning more about what we do. Search our jobs in every category of Business, Cybersecurity, Engineering, Information Technology and Manufacturing.

To explore the opportunities, log on to http://www.boeing.com/careers/career-areas/index.page


Bombardier offers career opportunities not only in Kansas but also around the world. The corporation practices employment equity and promotes employee development through its management policies, training and enhancement programs. Job categories range from A & P Technicians, Aircraft Dynamics Loads Engineer, Airframe Design Specialist, Avionics/Electrical Technician, Certification Engineer, Customer Service Specialist to Demonstration Pilot and many more.

To explore the opportunities, www.learjetcareers.com


Building the world’s finest aircraft requires people from various disciplines. Engineering, fabrication, marketing, and after-sale service are just a few of the professional skill areas that we seek. We’re looking to fill positions in Engineering, Finance/Purchasing, Manufacturing, Marketing, MIS, Other/Service, Single Engine and Technical.

Today’s advanced aircraft are true marvels of technology and performance. Yet for all their innovation, they can only be as good as the people and resources keeping them in the air. Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, the company is home to Hawker, Beechcraft, and Cessna, two brand names that are renowned for their quality, luxury and performance.

To explore the opportunities, log on to https://textron.taleo.net/careersection/tabbu/jobsearch.ftl?lang=en


Onex has completed its acquisition of Wichita/Tulsa Division of Boeing Commercial Airplanes and has announced the launch of Spirit AeroSystems. This site is designed to give those interested in employment with the new company information and instructions on the hiring process. Here you can complete an applicant profile, review job listings, as well as find background information and updates on Onex and the acquisition process.

To explore the opportunities, log on to http://makeitfly.aero

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