Moya Olsen Lear’s honors range from honorary law degrees from Pepperdine and Clemson Universities to an appearance on “60 minutes,” from the SIR Award by the Nevada Chapter of Contractors to the Kathryn Wright Award honoring her as an outstanding woman in the field of aviation.

Moya Lear was the wife and confidant of inventor and aircraft designer, William Powell Lear, Sr. She shared in his discouragements as well as his spectacular triumphs with the Learjet Co. in Wichita. They were deeply dedicated to Kansas aviation.

Moya Lear served on several prestigious boards including: President Reagan’s International Private Enterprise Task Force; the National Technological Assessment Board; the Board of Directors of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University of Nevada. When her husband died, Moya Lear assumed leadership of the Reno based company to complete his unfinished project, the Lear Fan. Neither an engineer nor a businesswoman, Moya Lear said she learned from her husband “by osmosis.” At the plant she simply carried on to the best of her ability, surrounding herself with loyal dedicated employees.

Moya Lear has always been an enthusiastic aviation advocate as well as a caring person in her community. Moya passed away on December 5, 2001.