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We at WingsOverKansas.com, the global web resource for Kansas aeronautics, astronautics and more, would like to welcome all worldwide visitors to this aviation website.

We have planned new monthly feature articles, reports, photos and information of value for you. We are also expanding our base of valued writer/author contributors. Unique and thought-provoking articles and videos are in the works, along with expanded content to Aviation History, Profiles, Education, Careers, Photo Galleries, and Learn-To-Fly. “Wings Over Kansas” has steadily grown since its inception to currently over 100,000 visitors yearly from over 146 countries and enjoys over a quarter of a million page views yearly.

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Wings Over Kansas Mission Statement

The mission of Wings Over Kansas is to enrich and educate the millions of aviation enthusiasts and professionals worldwide by operating and developing a high-quality aerospace website resource, delivering knowledge, information and entertainment focusing on the Past, Present and Future of Flight from the Air Capital of the World.

A few of our valued Contributing Editors have added their supportive endorsements as follows:

I’ve been a fan of Wings Over Kansas for years, for it truly captures the flavor and the spirit of flying. Carl Chance has great taste and a wide knowledge that he applies to Wings Over Kansas, and the result is a valuable contribution to aviation all over the world. I particularly appreciate the balance of military, civil, commercial and historic aviation found on the site.” Walter J. Boyne

Wings Over Kansas is the best aviation history website I have encountered on the World Wide Web. It is informative, entertaining, provides ever changing content, and is populated with the true voices of the mainstream aviation community. There is no better place to see where aviation has been and where it is going. Centered in the midst of the greatest producer of aircraft in the world, Wings Over Kansas reflects that aviation community to the rest of the world.” Lionel D. Alford, Jr.

As a long-time aviation enthusiast, pilot, flight instructor and A&P mechanic, ‘Wings Over Kansas’ keeps me informed about what’s going on in the highly fluid aviation industry worldwide, as well as zeroing in on specific topics that affect all of aeronautics from grass-roots flying to the space program. I think the blend of general aviation, military and commercial aviation is balanced just about right, and of equal importance to me, ‘Wings Over Kansas’ recognizes the crucial role that Kansas aviation history has played in pioneering and developing the airplane business during the past 90 years. In addition, ‘Wings Over Kansas’ provides information on flight operations, airspace, airports and regulatory issues that are relevant to all pilots and ‘arm-chair aviators’ alike. It’s a well-rounded package.” Edward H. Phillips

About “Wings Over Kansas” Origination and Creator

The URL website, https://wingsoverkansas.com was born on the Internet, July 1998. Since that date, the site has undergone several modifications and changes to improve its value and navigation.

Chance Communications, Inc., is the owner of Wings Over Kansas website and is responsible for its curated content.  Carl Chance, President of Chance Communications, Inc. is the creator and manager of the site.

Chance is a former News Consultant/Correspondent and TV Producer for Wingspan Air & Space Channel. His professional experience includes more than thirty years of achievement as a major market television/video and advertising agency writer/producer/director/talent/manager in Los Angeles, CA., Dallas, TX., Minneapolis/St. Paul. MN., Kansas City, MO., and Wichita, KS (home base). Additionally, Chance serves as charter member and trustee on The Kansas Aviation Museum board of directors.

Carl Chance, owner, Wings Over Kansas
Carl Chance, owner, Wings Over Kansas
Carl, 1941 Culver Cadet
Carl with a 1941 Culver Cadet, 90 hp Franklin engine, July 1955


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“Kansas has a long and proud aviation history and legacy that takes us back to 1920 when the Laird Swallow, the first commercially produced airplane in the U.S., made it’s first flight over Wichita, Kansas. Since that event, Kansas has evolved into the Air Capital of the World, home to aviation industry leaders known worldwide. We welcome “Wings Over Kansas” as it celebrates Kansas Aviation and our legacy and serves to be a cheerleader to promote the future growth of Kansas Aviation.”

Mike Armour, Director of Aviation for Kansas

“Wings Over Kansas is a superb vehicle for promoting the spirit of aviation not only throughout Kansas, but the nation and world as well. The Kansas Aviation Council sees Wings Over Kansas as a valuable partner in supporting the Kansas Aviation Council to realize its objectives as one unified voice for Aviation in Kansas”.

Lyle D. Bigley, Ph.D., Past President, Kansas Aviation Council