Aero-TV: Nostalgia of Flight Flying Free with the American Barnstormers

Clay Adams and the American Barnstormers Re-Capture the Golden Age Between World War I and World War II, civil aviation experienced an extraordinary surge in both technological advancements and daring accomplishments. From Lindberghs heroic flight across the North Atlantic to Jimmy Doolittles development of instrument flight, this Golden Age of Aviation ignited the publics curiosity and introduced the world to the unimaginable. There was, however, no greater introduction than the barnstormers. After WWI, the U.S. federal government sold off surplus Curtiss JN-4s, allowing experienced servicemen to purchase their own planes. Eager to share their newfound skills, these revolutionary barnstormers flew across the country, exhibiting their abilities and offering curious crowds the opportunity to experience flight for the first time. As the phenomenon grew, an incredible transformation occurred: aviation came alive, not just for pilots, but also for the inspired crowds and participants below. It is this great age that Clay Adams hopes to evoke once again in the American public. As founder of the American Barnstorming Tour, he and fellow barnstormers travel across the country to provide an experience that few in the modern technological age ever experience: flight as only the aviation pioneers of the Golden Age ever knew. The barnstormers, equipped with period costumes and vintage props, will visit Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota on their third biannual tour in 2010. Copyright 2009, Aero-News Network, Inc., All Rights Reserved.