Staying Positive — Cessna’s Jack Pelton Talks About 2009

One of aviation’s oldest and most productive companies is holding its head high despite the economic malaise that has struck the nation… along with some truly dunderheaded moves by the Washington Elite… who victimized business aviation unfairly and with great fanfare.

But Business Aviation is staying alive and doing its best to defend its powerful value to th nation… a fight that was led, in large part, by Cessna’s willingness to confront Washington and the media to PROVE that Business Aviation is one of the valued players in keeping business alive, thousands of people employed and our commerce moving along as strongly as possible.

During a press conference at NBAA 2009, Cessna Boss Jack Pelton talked about Cessna’s efforts to deal with today’s market while maintaining extensive R&D efforts including the development of the Citation CJ4, as well as the Cessna SkyCatcher. Pelton’s commitment is so strong to that program, by the way, that Pelton noted that he personally flew the new Cessna LSA and spun it himself in order to assure that their new entry-level aircraft was what he promised at Oshkosh a few years ago. Check out this and other topics as ANN spends a few minutes with Cessna’s CEO, President (and Part-Time Test Pilot) Jack Pelton.

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