Cessna’s Exclusive Computer-Based Instruction: A New Way to Look at Pilot Training

How does Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) work?

Cessna’s CBI is a replacement for the traditional ground school, which prepares a student for taking the FAA’s written exam and provides background information needed for flight training. Cessna’s CBI teaches such information as an aviation theory, rules and regulations, and flight planning skills. It is not a flight simulator.

Cessna’s CBI works best used cooperatively with flight lessons at a Cessna Pilot Center (CPC). After completing each lesson, a student sees a preview video of his/her next flight.

CBI quizzes students throughout their education so they’ll be better prepared for their written exam.

Students can upload work completed at home with a disk to update CPC records, allowing instructors to check students’ work to make sure they understand the material.

What is a Cessna Pilot Center?

A Cessna Pilot Center is a flight school that meets the criteria Cessna Aircraft Company requires. Cessna handpicks each CPC because of its high-quality instructors, airplanes, and learning tools.

Cessna Pilot Centers have new Cessna Skyhawks available for training, increased insurance coverage, and the technology to allow their students to benefit from Cessna’s Computer-Based Instruction program.

Number of Cessna Pilot Centers, U.S. and Canada: 165

Cessna has launched a new Learn To Fly Web Site: www.startflyingcessna.com!