Women’s History Month

Betty Browning
This Kansas Citian captured the 1936 Amelia Earhart Trophy at the Los Angeles National Air Races, piloting her Cessna C-34 over a twenty-five mile course to win $675. (photo from Borne on the South Wind)

In celebration of women in America in the new Millenium, NASA has said it would conduct numerous national programs to honor the accomplishments of women in aerospace and to raise awareness of the importance of education to future careers.

The events and programs include launching NASA’s partnership with Women in Aviation International; appearances and events with astronauts; live webchats; unveiling of new poster highlighting history and the future of women in flights; debuting webexhibit “Women in Aviation and Space in the 20th Century.”

Some of the events planned include: Unveiling of new NASA poster featuring women’s achievements in flight in the 20th Century and highlighting aerospace career opportunities of the future; NASA Astronaut Colonel Eileen Collins (first female space commander) will kick-off the convention on Friday, March 10, 9-10:00 a.m.; Dr. Kathie Olsen, NASA Chief Scientist, will discuss “gender differences: why — biologically — men and women think differently” on Saturday, March 11, 9-10 a.m.; Marta Bohn-Meyer, NASA test pilot, director of safety, and 1st SR-71 female pilot; Panel presentation on Careers, Friday, March 10, with Carol Russo, director aeronautics, Glenn Research Center; Nancy Bingham, associate director for systems management and planning, Ames Research Center; and Amanda Harris Goodson, director, safety and mission assurance, Marshall Space Flight Center; and finally, NASA exhibit booth will feature experts discussing education, careers and job opportunities in aerospace.

Women of NASA will have weekly live chats and forums, to encourage more young women to pursue careers in math, science, engineering and technology. Chat with Females Who Forged New Frontiers and who are making history with their unique endeavors by logging on to http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/women/intro.html.

The National Air and Space Museum Women’s History Month events include special lectures, scavenger hunt, and web profiles of prominent aviatrixes. Log on at http://www.nasm.si.edu/nasm/pa/nasmnews/newshome.htm and click on “Women’s History Month.”

Don’t pass up a Chronological list of “Women’s contributions to Aeronautics and Space Historical Milestones.” There are sixteen pages listing women and organizations that have made significant contributions to flight and aeronautics. Access this fascinating site at http://www.nasa.gov/women/milestones.html.