The Fate of Amelia Earhart is Still a Mystery for Over 70 Years After Her Disappearance

(PRWEB) January 7, 2010 — Hilary Swank’s recent “Amelia” did not even attempt to provide any answers to what actually happened to the famous “lady lindy”. A totally different approach is now being developed by Allied Artists Incorporated in association with the LOST FLIGHT GROUP LLC based on the novel “The Lost Flight of Amelia Earhart” written by Carol Linn Dow.

According to Felix Girard, Executive Producer, the new feature film will “finally provide the movie going public with answers about the ultimate fate of Amelia Earhart in her round-the world globe circling attempt”. The loss of this famous aviator has been the subject of a hot debate for over 70 years. The mystery of her disappearance has never been solved. Nothing has ever been recovered of the airplane or parts of the airplane or the bodies or the body parts of Fred Noonan and Amelia Earhart. The claims that have been made have all proven to be grossly false and misleading. This includes the junk found lying on the beach of deserted Pacific islands. None of it has ever been connected to Amelia Earhart. In fact, the vast majority of the press, and the public as well, has never accepted the crashed and sank theories or the Gardner Island disappearance or the stories of Amelia Earhart returning to America in disguise as another woman. Mr. Girard went on to say, “The Hilary Swank movie ‘Amelia’ does nothing to add to the solution of the mystery. Instead it takes the easy way out by implying that Earhart crashed and sank in the vicinity of Howland Island”.

“The Lost Flight of Amelia Earhart” is currently available for purchase at and contains historical evidence that Earhart did NOT crash and sink into the ocean. The post-loss radio transmission received at Nauru Island at 8:43 p.m. (Howland Time) the day of the loss grossly disproves the “crashed and sank” theory. The message was:





The Nauru intercept proves beyond any question that Earhart did not crash and sink at Howland Island as previous movies have portrayed. That evening on the day of the loss, Earhart’s voice was evidently heard by a radio operator at Nauru Island, a half way point in the path of the flight. It is now a known fact that these transmissions were not the final broadcasts received from the Earhart airplane. The crashed-and-sunk advocates believe all radio transmissions from the Earhart airplane suddenly stopped at 09:45 a.m. (Howland Time), and the airplane nose dived into the sea. The truth of the matter is the transmissions did not stop at 09:45 a.m., and the airplane did not crash into the sea. Later that night of the same day Radio Nauru had been covering Amelia’s frequencies of 3105 and 6210 Kilocycles (KC) whenever the station was operating. One of Radio Nauru’s native radio operators heard and recognized her voice three times on 6210 KC, at 8:31, 8:43, and 8:54 p.m. of the second day of the flight (Howland Time). Nauru informed Radio Bolinas near San Francisco. Radio Bolinas forwarded this message to coast Guard Headquarters in San Francisco who immediately radioed it to the Cutter Itasca. The Commander of the Itasca included it, without comment, in his official report.

There is no reason to doubt that these three broadcasts intercepted at Nauru Island were authentic and for very good reasons. For one, the radio operator was a professional. He recognized Amelia’s voice from the night before. The radio system would not operate if it was wet or in the water, particularly salt water. The fact that there was no “hum” of the engines in the background indicates the airplane was down on dry land and the engines were not running. The broadcasts were most likely the last dying moments of the airplane’s battery system, and the airplane had to be on dry land.

The Nauru intercept proves beyond any question that Earhart did not crash and sink at Howland Island as the Hilary Swank movie presupposes. Allied Artists Incorporated believes it has the proof it needs to tell the real story of Amelia Earhart. Girard believes, “We have the research and the facts backing up the Earhart loss. Anyone who reads The Lost Flight of Amelia Earhart is going to be highly enlightened as to the outcome of this story. It’s not just the Nauru intercept that created Lost Flight, there is a whole series of events that occurred in the Earhart loss that supports the book and the feature film we intend to bring to the silver screen.” Please visit for more details.

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