Aero-TV: ANN Flight Test – Flying Cessna’s Skycatcher

Finally… ANN is proud to present the first published flight test data on Cessna’s long-awaited LSA… the C-162 Skycatcher. Worth the wait, the Cessna 162 may be one of Cessna’s very best efforts yet… thoroughly maximizing what it is to be an LSA… while being true to the outstanding stability and control profiles that have been a part and parcel of Cessna’s entry-level aircraft products for many decades.

Right up front, let us tell you, the Skycatcher does NOT disappoint… it is a thoroughly sweet little airplane with great manners, a pleasant aerodynamic profile, as good a performance envelope as LSA regs allow and on top of all that, is just plain fun to fly. In other words, the Skycatcher is one heck of a nice little airplane and a fitting way for Cessna to put its best foot forward in bringing forth a new generation of entry level airplanes. Of particular note is Garmin’s EXCELLENT G300 glass panel, the easily operated and powerful addition of the TCM O-200D and the WIDE comfy cabin. But More than that… its just a sweetie in the air… simple, reasonably fast, agile and with nary the hint of a bad habit. Yeah, we had a ball with the critter.

Cessna’s minions tell ANN that the SkyCatcher is designed from spinner to tail to set the new standard for an entry-level aircraft. Though manufactured as an LSA, the SkyCatcher meets all the required ASTM standards for certification while providing safety, reliability, and utility. The airplane is equipped with the proprietary Garmin G300 avionics package, and is powered by a composite propeller mated to a Continental O-200D engine developed specifically for the Light Sport market. It also features a 44-inch wide cabin, ergonomic seats, accessible cargo area, and a unique under-panel center stick control. Cessna claims the industry’s most extensive network of dealers and service centers.

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