Hypersonic Missile Nonprolifertation!

June 7, 2020 0

This video report is a repost examining the implications of the proliferation of hypersonic missiles and possible measures to hinder it, since RAND researchers presented their overview of key facts on hypersonic missiles, which is […]

NOAA’s Hurrican Hunters!

June 6, 2020 0

NOAA brought Kermit, one of its Lockheed WP-3D Orions, to Oshkosh last year for AirVenture 2019. Take a closer look at the airplane, and learn more about the dangerous missions flown by its pilots and […]

Blue: Cyber In The Contested Domain!

May 27, 2020 0

As America’s adversaries evolve, the Air Force has to be ready t withstand a digital ‘sucker punch.’ To mitigate this threat, cybersecurity is being integrated into the development of all new programs from the start. […]

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