Olive Ann Beech: The First Lady of Aviation!

September 3, 2021 0

Among the earliest and most influential people to emerge in the flight industry was Olive Ann Beech, co-founder of the Beechcraft Aircraft Corporation. Olive Ann led the the company as it built iconic planes for […]

Who Are The Taliban? | Start Here!

August 16, 2021 0

Who Are The Taliban? The Taliban have been fighting the Afghan government and its allies for decades. Now the US is pulling its soldiers out of Afghanistan and the Taliban seem stronger than ever. Who […]

How the Internet Works in 5 Minutes!

August 8, 2021 0

Check out Aaron’s new book, “How To Prepare For Everything: www.howto prepare.com! The internet is not a fuzzy cloud. The internet is a wire, actually buried in the ground. Computers connected directly to the internet […]

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