Cessna CitationJet

March 27, 2011 0

The Cessna CitationJet/CJ series (Model 525) are American turbofan-powered light corporate jets built by the Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas. […]

Travel Air

March 27, 2011 0

The Travel Air Manufacturing Company was an aircraft manufacturer established in Wichita, Kansas in the United States in January 1925 by Clyde Cessna, Walter Beech, and Lloyd Stearman. […]

Boeing KC-46

March 20, 2011 0

The Boeing KC-46 is a military aerial refueling and strategic transport aircraft developed from the Boeing 767. […]

Born Here: Kansas Aviation History

March 20, 2011 0

For those of you curious about the grand history of Kansas aviation, in the Air Capital and statewide, Richard Harris can give you a new perspective on Kansas’ 2nd biggest industry (after agriculture). […]

Clyde Vernon Cessna

January 2, 2011 0

Clyde Vernon Cessna (5 December 1879 – 20 November 1954) was an American aircraft designer, aviator, and founder of the Cessna Aircraft Corporation. […]

Funk B

November 21, 2010 0

The Funk Model B was a 1930s American two-seat cabin monoplane designed by Howard and Joe Funk. […]

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