New Paul Bowen “Air To Air” Volume II Book

“Air To Air” is an artistic collection of internationally recognized aerial photographer Paul Bowen’s aerial assignments over the past 25 years. Often shooting from the open-air tail-gunner’s position of a WW II era B-25, Paul uses his camera to transform airplanes into flying sculptures. Each two-page spread includes aerial shots on location along with a group photo of the pilots and advertising personnel responsible for the behind the scenes production. Personal accounts from the photo shoots emphasize that the true heroes of the book, and any photo session, are the pilots.

Paul has now borrowed the same coffee-table format from his successful Volume I, in this new Volume II, but showcases all new photographs of a variety of aircraft from piston singles to large corporate jets, and gives you a glimpse of the “pilot’s point of view” – a chapter of photo’s dedicated to clouds and ground patterns. Also, don’t miss 4- pages of Mustangs and legends. Not only will you enjoy Bowen’s comments on each aircraft, but also forwards by Patty Wagstaff and Clay Lacy provides insight into Bowen’s technique and talent. To checkout Paul’s “Air To Air” books, posters, photos and postcards and to order, click here for Paul Bowen’s web site.