Mayday Over Wichita

October 5, 2013 0

  Mayday Over Wichita The Worst Military Aviation Disaster in Kansas History  D.W. Carter  On the cold Saturday morning of January 16, 1965, a U.S. Air Force KC-135 tanker carrying thirty-one thousand gallons of jet […]

Hypersonic Thunder: A Novel of the Jet Age!

April 19, 2009 0

Walter Boyne, one of the first major content contributors to Wings Over Kansas has completed his latest book, “Hypersonic Thunder,” which concludes the trilogy of novels on the history of jet aviation. […]

The Final Salute

October 12, 2008 0

The Final Salute, the debut novel by Kathleen Rodgers, is about the aftermath of plane crashes, the tight bond between military pilots, and how crewmembers and military families cope after terrible tragedies. […]

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