Take The “Wings Over Kansas” Aviation History Quiz!

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This is the last in a nine-part series of fun quizzes that covers the Top Aerospace Milestones, designed to test your aviation history knowledge.

If you’re like many aviation history buffs, aviation enthusiasts and aerospace professionals, you’ll enjoy testing your knowledge of major aviation achievements and accomplishments in this nine-part series of multiple questions. If you don’t know the correct answer, you’ll learn once you’ve checked at the end of this quiz. However, if you’ve visited WingsOverKansas.com “100th Anniversary of Flight” page, you’ll have already learned the answers to these intriguing questions.

Now here’s “Wings Over Kansas” History Quiz, Part #9, The Nineties:

  1. What fighter aircraft built by Lockheed, Boeing and General Dynamics, first test flown in 1990, was designed to combine stealth, supersonic cruise, high maneuverability, advanced avionics and had internal weapons carriage?
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  3. What aircraft introduced in 1991 could hold 102 troops, 48 litters, 54 ambulatory patients or 170,900 pounds of cargo? This aircraft received the Collier trophy for most versatile aircraft in aviation history.
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    C-17 “”Globemaster””

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  5. What spacecraft was launched in the Nineties with a low-cost lander and rover, which sends back more than 16,500 pictures?
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    Mars Pathfinder

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  7. What constellation of satellites revolutionized navigation and surveillance during this time period?
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    Global Positioning System (GPS)

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  9. What aircraft was the world’s first ultra-long range business jet?
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    Gulfstream V

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  11. What aircraft was developed as a medium-size jet airliner for regional airline operations?
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    Regional Jet

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  13. What single state-to-orbit reusable launch vehicle was developed by Lockheed Martin?
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    VentureStar – The X-33

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  15. What was the permanent orbiting laboratory in space built by 15 nations? It’s first components were placed in orbit in 1999. It was 356 feet wide, orbiting 225 miles above the earth.
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    International Space Station Development

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Write down all your answers first, and then click here to get the correct answers.