John “Hoot” Myers, Airshow Announcer…

John "Hoot" Myers has offered over a decade of airshow announcing served up in his own truly unique approach to this specialized ‘craft.’ Known as "PlaneTalk Airshow Narration," John said "Seeing and hearing these big, beautiful aircraft, be they military ‘muscle planes’, or specially designed and highly technical aerobatic aircraft, to private-commercial-homebuilt thoroughbreds… is an emotional experience for the spectator. These feelings can best be evoked through the announcer’s creating a mood, a feel that resonates with those watching and listening. Add to that the unique history of the specific airport/show site, the folks who have stories to tell, and of course the all important sponsor-underwriters… and you have the raw material for a full-scale audio production, similar to an old-time radio play or fully produced documentary.

Myers calls upon his extensive background in professional radio, television and theatre to produce an airshow ‘sound’ that includes the theme, words, music, interviews and sponsor ID’s that create a ‘tapestry’ which in Myers words, "Reinforces the spectator’s interest and appreciation of the entire airshow experience and connects them emotionally to the show aircraft, exhibits, story and sponsors in a way that makes the airshow enthusiast want to come back again and again."

A member of International Council of Airshows (ICAS), which is the premier regulatory body of the airshow industry, "Hoot" shows an impressive enthusiasm in donning his patriotic ‘stars and stripes’ uniforms, or more military style khakis, should the occasion dictate. Myers averages about 13 airshows each year. Ranging from Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota to Kansas’s ‘Mid-America Airshow’ (Liberal) and ‘Thunder Over The High Plains’ (Great Bend) to Oklahoma City’s ‘Aerospace America’ and the ‘Wings of History’ airshow at Springfield, Missouri. "Hoot’s" energy and love of aviation along with a well-armed knowledge of each aircraft type and mission, adds to the spectators total appreciation of this unique entertainment event. As Myers puts it, "I want that individual person to stop for just a minute and take pride in a country that invented and flew the first airplane, and to thrill at each sight and sound. To do that I research each show and bring the music, scripts and narration concepts to do just that.

To contact "Hoot," call 316-755-3818 or 316-259-6461.