Working Together – Building Our Future

1989 – 1995

1989, Beech introduces King Air 350.

In October 1988, Beech introduced the leader of the prestigious King Air 350. The King Air 350 offers a more spacious cabin, a larger payload, greater fuel efficiency, and superior overall capability. The King Air 350 is approved for single pilot operation. Since their introduction in 1964, more than 5,000 King Airs have proven themselves in more than 90 countries around the world.

King Air 350

1990, Air Force announces selection of Beechcraft for T-1A Jayhawk program.

In February 1990, U.S. Air Force officials announced the selection of the Beechjet 400A for its T-1A Jayhawk program to train student pilots to fly tanker and transport aircraft, a role formerly fulfilled by T-38 trainers. In 1992, Beech Aircraft delivered the first T-1A Jayhawk to the U.S. Air Force. In the summer of 1997, the company delivered the 180th and final T-1A Jayhawk pilot trainer to the Air Force. The T-1A Jayhawk continues to have the highest safety record of any aircraft in the U.S. Air Force inventory, logging a total of 678,000 flight hours.

T-1A Jayhawk at Reese Air Force Base

1990, Beech competes for primary trainer program.

Raytheon Aircraft and Pilatus Aircraft Limited of Stans, Switzerland signed a definitive agreement in August 1990 to compete for the U.S. Air Force and Navy’s Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS) program. The Beech/Pilatus PC-9 Mkll is a single-engine, two-seat pri- mary trainer aircraft. The new training system replaces the U.S. Air Force T-37 and U.S. Navy T-34 training systems with more than 700 new aircraft.

Mk II primary trainer

1991, 1900D Airliner awarded type certificate.

In March 1991, Beech is awarded a type certificate for the 1900D Airliner. The 1900D is a pressurized, 19-passenger aircraft featuring a 71-inch stand-up cabin, more baggage capacity and improved passenger comfort features. The 1900D was developed from the highly successful Beech 1900C Airliner, which entered service in 1984. In addition to its primary role as a regional airliner, the 1900D served corporations with a need for high-density seating shuttle aircraft, and for special mission operators around the world.

1900D Airliner

1991, Beech introduces new King Air C90B.

At the National Business Aircraft Association convention in October 1991, Beech introduced the new King Air C90B, the entry-level member of the Beech King Air family. In 1998, Raytheon Aircraft teamed with Jaguar Cars to offer Beech King Air C90B Jaguar special edition, featuring the carmaker’s name and identity.

King Air C90B

1993, Olive Ann Beech dies at age 89.

On July 6, 1993, Olive Ann Beech, who co-founded Beech Aircraft Corporation with her husband, the late Walter Beech, died at the age of 89. She served Beech Aircraft as secretary-treasurer and director from its founding until Mr. Beech’s death in 1950. Mrs. Beech then served as chairman and president until 1968 and as chairman until 1982, when she became chairman emeritus. During the 50 years she served as an officer in the company, Beech Aircraft grew from fewer than 10 employees to more than 10,000. Mrs. Beech was widely recognized as a philanthropist, patron of art, music, education and religion, and a strong supporter of youth. Her distinguished career in the industry earned her the title "First Lady of Aviation."

Olive Ann Beech

1993, Raytheon Company acquires Raytheon Corporate Jets.

Raytheon Company acquires Raytheon Corporate Jets, producers of the mid-sized Hawker jet line, from British Aerospace. Raytheon Corporate Jets manufactured the 125-800 and 125-1000 medium sized business jets.

These very successful aircraft will come to be known as the "Hawker 800" and the "Hawker 1000." The Hawker was named after Harry Hawker, a native of Australia who immigrated to England and joined Sopwith Camel. Harry Hawker died in a flight test accident in 1921, but the engineering company he formed would go on to develop some of the most significant aircraft of our time. At the end of 1994, Beech Aircraft and Raytheon Corporate Jets merged to form Raytheon Aircraft.

U.K. based Service Center, located in Chester.

1995, New administration building opens.

Raytheon Aircraft’s new administration building opened in the spring of 1995. The $10 million, 100,000-square-foot facility, provides a modern showcase in which to conduct business with Raytheon Aircraft customers from around the world. The new administration building was designed, from the architecture to the landscaping, to be tied to the evolution of flight. The new building was created to make a statement about Wichita’s unique role as a world leader in the design and production of aircraft.

1995, First Hawker 800XP is delivered to customer.

The first Hawker 800XP (Extended Performance) was delivered in September, 1995. The Hawker 800XP represented the first upgrade of the Hawker line since the acquisition by Raytheon Company. The Hawkers are known for their sturdiness, reliability, and excellent handling characteristics. The Hawker Hawker 800XP is the world’s best-selling mid-size business jet.

Hawker 800XP