U.S. Troops: Healing & Support

Here you’ll find multiple resources for Soldiers and Families. Resources such as help with medical care and benefits, relocation, plus education for service personnel and families. All these resources and more have been selected and published through the courtesy of the National Memorial Day Concert web site from PBS. Following are link connects to those resources.

Additional valued resource subject information is, "Practical Ways to Support the Troops". There are nine links and ideas on this page about how to get started. This resource can be accessed at www.pbs.org/memorialdayconcert/remembrance/support.html.

"Coping with Losing a Loved One." The loss of a beloved spouse, parent, child or other loved one in wartime is a tremendous load to bear. Subject categories are, Losing Your Loved One, How To Help Your Child, and Share a Eulogy or Your Thoughts. This helpful page can be accessed at www.pbs.org/memorialdayconcert/remembrance/grief.html.

"Help Grieving Families." For those who are not directly affected by the costs of war, it is difficult to grasp fully the experience of those who are. Chances are, military families would appreciate and benefit from the support of the community, but simply may not be ready to ask for it. Find out what you can do at www.pbs.org/memorialdayconcert/remembrance/grieving.html.

"Reach Out to the Wounded." Your caring support can make the difference. Here you’ll find twenty-nine links with the categories of Resources for Helping Wounded Soldiers, Military Sites Offering Assistance, Traumatic Brain Injury, Stress Resulting from Trauma and Veterans Share Your Stories. All this can be found at www.pbs.org/memorialdayconcert/remembrance/wounds.html.

"General Veteran & Family Resources." This Healing & Support page offers 17 links to valued General Veteran & Family Resources. Access this page at www.pbs.org/memorialdayconcert/remembrance/veterans_families.html.

"Resources by Service Branch." These are resources by the five Service Branches’. Listed are U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Coast Guard. There are numerous links for each. You can access this page at www.pbs.org/memorialdayconcert/remembrance/branch_service.html.

"Find Resources for Soldiers & Families: Resources by Era Served." This informative page lists the following: War in Iraq & Afghanistan, Gulf War, Vietnam War, Korean War, World War II and World War I. There are thirty separate informational links to visit. This page is at www.pbs.org/memorialdayconcert/remembrance/era_served.html.

"Education Assistance for Soldiers & Families." There are eleven links that offer supportive information to help achieve educational goals and objectives. This page is found at www.pbs.org/memorialdayconcert/remembrance/education.html.

Although there may be many more helpful sites of resources for Soldiers and Families, we feel that this excellent resource created by PBS National Memorial Day Concert at www.pbs.org/memorialdayconcert will be of immeasurable assistance to the multitude of Veteran’s and Families who most likely can benefit by visiting these pages.

Another page of interest to access is, Veterans History Project which is found at www.wingsoverkansas.com/history/article.asp?id=274.

The editors of www.wingsoverkansas.com are proud and honored to guide and direct those in need to utilize the information presented. We highly value and are proud of our U.S. Service Members who make the sacrifice and do the job of keeping America free. Our heartfelt thanks go out to you and your families.