Wichita Aviation History Photo Archives and Information Source!

The web site resource was organized by the Wichita Public Library, the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum and the Special Collections Department of Wichita State University. Although much information has been archived on general Wichita history, we are focusing here on the aviation resource information available.

In the Aviation Photo Archives, 13 images from 1911 through 1970 are shown. Most of the photographers are unknown, but a few were taken by Edgar B. Smith and Boeing-Wichita. Charles A. Lindbergh can be seen piloting a Swallow airplane in Wichita in one of the photos. The URL address is http://specialcollections.wichita.edu/wdl/searchresults.asp?txtinput=Aviation.

Another interesting page is on Walter H. and Olive Ann Beech: Partners in Aviation. There is much information here with seven photo’s and two illustrations. Of particular note, Beech’s Travel Air Model R, the Mystery Ship is shown. It was the first civilian aircraft to defeat a military aircraft in the 1929 National Air Race, a 50-mile, closed course free-for-all. Access this interesting page at http://specialcollections.wichita.edu/exhibits/beech/exhibita.html.

The Kansas Digital Library affords photo collections and detailed full records of significant value to the aviation historical researcher. The great aviation pioneers, aircraft and companies are featured here. Make sure to browse this page at http://www.kansasdigital.org/browse.asp?browseType=Subject&browseID=8.

Finally, there are two others worthy of investigation. They are The Golden Age of the Great Passenger Airships, the Collection of Harold G. Dick, which can be found at http://specialcollections.wichita.edu/exhibits/haldick/haldick.html.

The last is of interest to those interested in postcards, stamps and postmarks. It is Harold G. Dick Postcard Collection and can be accessed at the URL of http://specialcollections.wichita.edu/exhibits/haldick/haldickpostcards.htm.

For those interested in the general Wichita History web site itself, that address is http://specialcollections.wichita.edu.

It took more than a year to complete the web site, which is one of the first collaborative Kansas history efforts on the web.