International Flying Farmers

Who are the Flying Farmers? The organization is comprised of a group of men, women, teens and tots, individuals and entire families. They are farmers, livestock specialists and commercial pilots. They are bank officers, secretaries, doctors, teachers, lawyers, construction managers and corporate executives. They are insurance representatives, entrepreneurs, retirees, college students and grade-school children. They are citizens of the United States and Canada. They are all unique, but there is one common thread that binds them tightly…

Flying Farmers simply love to fly. It doesn’t matter whether they’re taking off on a business call, dusting crops, hauling supplies, feeding livestock, heading out on a vacation or just flying to be flying. That common bond, “the love of flying,” is what makes this organization a strong one.

While Flying Farmers can be of any walk of life, most are farmers who own airplanes and have landing strips right on their farms. It was members such as these who first began the IFF tradition. Today, they continue to work to build on the tradition of generations, while building the IFF family.

The Objectives of the International Flying Farmers are:

  1. To help reduce unnecessary regulations for general aviation.
  2. To promote safe flying through continued education and upgrading.
  3. To develop public acceptance of light aircraft.
  4. To promote the practical use of the airplane in the Agriculture Industry.
  5. To sponsor education and research in agriculture and aviation.
  6. To encourage close-in landing strips for towns and cities.
  7. To express the ideas and opinions of farm families at a national level.
  8. To encourage the conservation of our soil and water.
  9. To insist that aviation gasoline taxes, where collected, be used for the development of aviation.
  10. To cooperate with other aviation organizations for the furtherance of general aviation through aviation legislation.

The IFF has something for everyone such as, Flight Safety, Insurance Programs, Legislative Representation, Teen/Junior Programs, Scholarships and Awards, Tours, Magazine and Annual Conventions.

To learn more about IFF, contact Kathy Marsh at 316-943-4234. Log onto their website at