The Amelia Earhart Crash At Mili Atoll!

Exclusive News Release:

Amelia Earhart

Take an imaginary trip to the Marshall islands with Dick Spink in an exclusive DVD to be released later this year, as he interviews the men who saw Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan, her navigator, as they were captured and imprisoned by the Japanese. See for the first time the exact spot where Amelia crashed at Mili Atoll. See Mili Atoll from the air the same as Amelia Earhart would have seen it before the crash. Don’t be fooled by false stories and books that make false claims about the Earhart loss. No, Amelia Earhart did not crash at Gardner Island (Nikumaroro). She did not crash and sink at sea. The crash occurred at Mili Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

We believe for the first time in history we have definite proof of Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Electra NR16020 aircraft crash in the Marshall Islands Mili Atoll. In March 2013, Richard Spink made a trip to the MarshallIslands under the auspices of the government of the Marshall Islands and filmed four interviews with the Maeshallese. Included in these interviews were Dick Spink’s very close friends Jorroro and Mitel who witnessed Amelia’s landing and the crash in July 1937 at Mili Atoll. According to Dick Spink, “It was the old fisherman who told me exactly where to look at Mili for evidence of the crash. There, in the tropical islands, I found what is the most promising of the artifacts. It is what we believe is an inspection or an access plate off the wing or the engine mounts of the Earhart airplane. Evidently, when the airplane crashed (the Marshallese explained) it tore the left wing partly off the airplane because of the rugged rock strewn reef. The Japanese were brutal in their treatment of the native Marshall Islanders in World War II, and there are stories that abound of the capture of the two American flyers wearing coveralls (flying suits) one of which turned out to be a woman.” Dick went on to explain, “Because of Carol Dow’s book The Lost Flight of Amelia Earhart, I formed a partnership with Carol Dow and Allied Artists, Inc. to bring this story to the American public.”

Later this year there will be two Documentaries produced for television available from Felix Girard at Allied Artists, Inc. written by Carol Dow entitled “The Amelia Earhart Mystery.” The crash at Mili Atoll is currently being studied by two accident investigators at the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in Washington and in Irving, Texas.

Also coming later this year, the DVD by Richard (Dick) Spink covering his research trip to the Marshall Islands and Mili Atoll, will be released. The DVD retail price of $10.00 is available at ebooks for $5.00, a bargain not to be turned down, detailing the Amelia Earhart mystery.