AN/AAQ-37 EO DAS for the F-35

January 30, 2011 0

Northrop Grumman has developed the only 360 degree, spherical situational awareness system in the electro-optical distributed aperture system (DAS). […]

EAA Brings home Two new Skycatchers

January 23, 2011 0

Here’s a collection of clips that EAA’s Brady Lane put together after his recent trip to Wichita as part of the team that picked up 2 brand-new Cessna 162 “Skycatchers.” […]

Boeing F-15SE Silent Eagle

January 16, 2011 0

New Boeing marketing video (June 2009) showing the capabilies of the F-15SE Silent Eagle stealth version, being offered for sale to international customers. […]

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