How Kansan’s Have Shaped Aviation History Around the World…

December 1, 2002 0

For nearly 100 years, the men and women of Kansas have been building the nation’s premier regional center for the development and production of aircraft. The book, “Borne On The South Wind” tells the complete story of Kansas aviation, the birthplace of the industry. […]

Clay Lacy, President, Clay Lacy Aviation

September 30, 2002 0

While other Midwest boys were riding bicycles, building treehouses and spending lazy summer afternoons fishing in the Arkansas River, Clay became interested in model airplanes at age 5. […]

War created whirlwind in Wichita

September 1, 2002 0

One magazine at the time likened it to a storm sweeping across the Kansas Plains and into Wichita – “a $62 million tornado in a town of 120,000.” […]


September 1, 2002 0

As a former president of Beech Aircraft Corporation in Wichita, Frank E. Hedrick believed that a person should do any job assigned better than the job had ever been done before. […]

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