The Future of War, and How It Affects YOU (Multi-Domain Operations) – Smarter Every Day 211!

It’s a strange feeling to share this aspect of my life. I’m taking a break to go back to school, but here’s a peek into the part of my life kept hidden from the internet for many years. I was asked if I wanted to film my last mission and use it as an opportunity to explain “Multi-Domain Operations” to the public. After much consideration, I decided that this topic (especially the cyber-domain issue) was important and chose to help inform the public. My mission was to participate in a missile and torpedo engagement exercise at Paific Missile Range Facility as part of RIMPAC 2018. RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific Exercise) is the largest naval exercise in the world. It’s used to trst interoperability and the ability to work as an international force. From SmarterEveryDay.