The Future of the China-Russia Partnership!

In Recent months, China and Russia have¬† upgraded their strategic partnership, conducted joint naval drills in the sea of Japan, and deepened collaboration on nuclear and space technology. Beijing and Moscow have also taken steps to test the credibility of U.S. alliances in the Indo-Pacific and trans-Atlantic regions. But as China-Russia ties have grown “increasingly robust, Washington has become more and more concerned, labeling an increasingly assertive China and a “destabilizing Russia” as its chief foreign policy challenges and engaging both countries in dialogue and diplomacy. Questions around the issues abound. From the Carnegie Endowment! NOTE: The Wings Over Kansas Website Editor believes that the recent world issues curated are of extreme value and importance to our World-Wide Audience. We may be accepting future Anonymous contributors on our site to give balance and, additional credibility and collaborative¬† and valued information. Stand by for its appearance.