What Happened to Amelia Earhart

Interviews with three eyewitnesses, who were on Saipan in July of 1944 when Amelia Earhart’s airplane was found and destroyed by the US Military. Thomas E Devine, Robert Wallack (who found her briefcase) and Julious Nabers, who decoded the messages for Colonel Wallace that stated they had found her plane, and that they were going to destroy it. He also guarded the plane for 24 hours. These interviews are part of my film “Earhart,” the official website is www.earhartmovie.com, and I’m hoping to start filming the dramatic portions in the spring of 07. All three of these gentlemen have passed away, and my condolences to each of their families. They were generous to tell me their stories on camera, and only hoped that one day I could make my film about what really happened to Amelia. With their help from above, God willing, I shall.