Air Capital Report, May 29, 2011

Carl ChanceEditor Carl Chance, Wings Over Kansas’ aviation & aerospace correspondent, former news consultant and producer for Wingspan Air & Space Channel.

2011 Air Capital Aviation Adventure Summer Camps

EXPLORATION PLACE: 300 N. McLean Blvd., Wichita, KS (316)660-0600

Flight Crew

for students entering grades 7 – 8 June 27 – July 1 • 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Prime your jet engines for a jam-packed five days, all about the basics of flight and ending with a seat at the pilot’s side, flying into the wild blue yonder!

Camp Highlights

  • Examine the principles and history of flight as you identify parts of a plane and build your own model plane.
  • Investigate wind tunnels and wing design.
  • Assemble and launch a glider rocket.
  • Take your position in the second seat on a small passenger plane and take off for a thrilling flight with a certified pilot!

Camp Fees Member: $300 / Non-Member: $350

Pilot Training

for students entering grades 9 – 12 June 27 – July 1 • 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Earn your wings during a week of exciting hands-on instruction, as you delve deeper into the mechanics and engineering of aviation, with the ultimate experience of flying an airplane yourself!

Camp Highlights

  • Create and build a full wing for wind tunnel testing.
  • Inspect the inner workings of a plane’s instruments and find out what makes them tick.
  • Race your camp mates using remote control planes.
  • Develop a flight plan for your first foray into the skies.
  • Visit the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport control tower and radar room.
  • Take over as the pilot in a small passenger craft with a certified instructor.
  • Log up to an hour of flight time towards your pilot’s license.

Camp Fees Member: $400 / Non-Member: $450

Kansas governor proclaims May ‘Aviation Appreciation Month’

Janice Wood | News | May 4, 2011

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has declared May “Aviation Appreciation Month,” noting general aviation in Kansas alone generates over $7 billion in economic impact annually, which is largely attributable to the presence of major manufacturing companies such as Cessna, Hawker Beechcraft and Bombadier.

Selena Shilad, Executive Director of the Alliance for Aviation Across America (AAAA) stated, “We applaud Governor Brownback recognizing the immense value of general aviation in Kansas and around the country. General aviation not only is a crucial part of our economy, but serves as a critical lifeline for communities in terms of law enforcement, medical care, and a host of important services and resources.”

“With more than 40% of the world’s general aviation aircraft being assembled in Wichita alone, Kansas is a critical hub for GA. We commend Governor Brownback for issuing this important proclamation, and look forward to working with him to raise awareness about the value of general aviation and our network of small airports to our economy and communities around the nation,” said Craig L. Fuller, President and CEO of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).

“We thank Governor Brownback for highlighting the impact business aviation has in Kansas,” stated Ed Bolen, President and CEO of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). “Across the United States and in Kansas in particular, business aviation has an enormous economic impact and helps generate thousands of jobs. This proclamation is an important step in recognizing the value and impact of this industry and other issues important to business aviation.”

Henry Ogrodzinski, President of the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) said, “Throughout the United States, our extensive airport network supports millions of jobs, providing critical access to a host of essential resources and services. We look forward to continuing to work with Governor Brownback and Director of Aviation C. Edward Young, to support a vibrant general aviation industry in Kansas.”

Hatches Closed For Final Time Between Endeavour and Station

Sun, 29 May 2011 06:36:54 AM CDT

Shortly after 7 a.m. EDT, the six crew members of space shuttle Endeavour said farewell to the three Expedition 28 crew members aboard the International Space Station. At 7:23 a.m., hatches were closed between Endeavour and the station 12 days, 22 hours and 27 minutes into the mission. The hatches between the two spacecraft were opened at 7:38 a.m. on May 18 and were open for joint crew operations for a total of 10 days, 23 hours, and 45 minutes. During the docked operations, the crew delivered and installed the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-2 to study cosmic particles and the ExPRESS Logistics Carrier 3 with spare parts, and performed four spacewalks to perform maintenance and install components on the station, including the Enhanced International Space Station Boom Assembly that marked the completion of the U.S. Orbital Segment of the station. Endeavour’s crew now will prepare for undocking at 11:55 p.m. by completing a check out of the rendezvous tools and installing the centerline camera before concluding their flight day at 11:26 a.m.