Women in Military Service for America Memorial Postcards

Postcards of WWII Posters recruiting women for the war effort.

The Women’s Memorial

Woman’s Place in War, 1944, by Ramus

Are you a girl with a Star-Spangled Heart?, 1943, by Bradshaw Crandell

She’s Helping to Wing … How about you?, 1943, by John Falter

This is my War too!, 1943, by Dan V. Smith

Don’t Miss Your Great Opportunity, 1944, by John Falter

World War II Recruiting Poster

Be a Marine, 194? Anon.

The Girl of the Year is a SPAR, 1943, by Bentley

World War II Recruiting Poster

Join the Navy Nurse Corps, 194?, by Whitcomb

Share the Deeds of Victory – Join the Waves, 1943, by John Falter

WASP Victory, 1978, by David Strand

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