What is Kansas STARBASE, Inc.?

Today in America, one of the toughest obstacles our children face is growing up successfully in our society. Even the most economically advantaged children are constantly confronted with difficult social and educational issues. And for kids who come from underprivileged backgrounds, with few or no positive role models to help guide them through these obstacles, the chances of developing into successful, productive adults are slim.

STARBASE (Science and Technology Academies Reinforcing Basic Aviation and Space Exploration) began in 1991 at the Selfridge Air National Guard base in Michigan. This intervention program is designed to ignite the interest of at-risk youth in science, math, technology, goal setting and positive life choices by exposing them to the technological environments and positive role models of the National Guard, Air Force Reserve and Naval bases. In 1992, the Kansas Air and Army National Guard launched Kansas STARBASE. Kansas STARBASE is an authorized program of the U.S. Department of Defense.

We have worked with nearly 41,000 Kansas’ children improving their interest in the areas of math, science or technology as well as instilling a sense of pride and personal accomplishment. It is those traits by which we believe will increase the number of students going into the math, science and technology areas once they have completed their secondary education.

The Kansas STARBASE program is the largest in the U.S. We have four locations in Wichita, Topeka, Salina and Kansas City, Kansas. Most of our funding is provided through the U.S. Department of Defense, but that is to support only two sites not four. We receive support from many Kansas companies and foundations to help supplement our federal support. In addition to the program for 4th – 6th graders, we have developed an advanced course for 10th – 12th graders. Those pilot sessions have been held at our Salina site in cooperation with Kansas State University’s College of Technology and Aviation.

We are committed to giving these at-risk children a chance to realize their individual potential and reinforce their desire to remain in school. Furthermore, give them a fun, exciting platform to learn math, science and technology that not only benefits them, but their future employers and their community.

Learn more here: http://www.kansasstarbase.org/index.html.

Kansas STARBASE 2001-02 Academy Schedule

Day I

0900-0920: General Introduction (rules, flight logs, T-shirts, flights, flight leaders, bathrooms, exits, schedule, etc.)
0920-0940: Lift Off Exam
0945-1005: STARBASE Bingo
1005-1105: Newton’s Laws of Motion
1105-1145: Lunch/Recess
1145-1200: d+a=R Intro.
1200-1300: Eggbert
1300-1350: Rockets Phase I
1350-1400: Review

Homework—T-shirt washing instructions

Day II

0900-1000: Oceans of Air
1000-1010: Restroom Break
1010-1100: Four Forces of Flight
1100-1120: Rocket Science
1120-1200: Lunch/Recess
1200-1350: Salina Airport Tour
1350-1400: Review/Flight Logs

Homework—Phonetic alphabet sheet and graduation invitation flyer


0900-0910: Welcome/Review
0910-1000: Radio & Radar
1000-1010: Break
1010-1100: Team Patch
1100-1130: Lunch
1130-1220: Polar Coordinates
1220-1350: Black Hawk/Night Vision/Life Survival Tour
1350-1400: Review/Flight Logs

Homework—Polar Coordinates Worksheet

Day IV

0900-1030: K-State Aviation Building Tour
1030-1040: Break
1040-1100: Flight Instruments Intro.
1100-1140: Lunch/Recess
1145-1245: Flight Simulator/d+a=R
1245-1300: Rocket Engine Mounts
1200-1315: Bernoulli’s Principle experiments/Review
1315-1345: Lego Teamwork Project
1350-1400: Review/Flight Logs

Homework—Complete and return team patches for graduation and study for Phonetic Alphabet and Landing Test

Day V

0900-1000: Rocket Science/Final Assembly
1000-1020: Landing Test
1020-1030: Restroom Break
1030-1040: Phonetics Test
1040-1050: Evaluations
1050-1120: Thank You Cards for Volunteers
1120-1145: Lunch/Recess
1150-1250: Rocket Launch
1300-1400: Slide Show/Graduation

STARBASE Headquarters
State Defense Building
2800 SW Topeka Blvd.
Topeka, KS 66611-1287
(785) 274-1480
DSN 83-720-1480
(785) 274-1631 (Fax)
(913) 488-9872 (cell phone)

Kansas City Site
100 S. 20th Street
Kansas City, KS 66102-5604
(913) 279-7859 (Fax)

Salina Site
Eckert Hall
2850 Scanlan Ave.
Salina, KS 67401-8129
(785) 822-6600 (Fax)

Topeka Site
5920 SE Coyote Drive
Forbes Field ANG
Topeka, KS 66619-5000
DSN 83-720-4196
(785) 861-4127 (Fax)

Wichita Site
52955 Jayhawk Drive
McConnell AFB, KS 67221-9000
(316) 759-7964DSN
759-7514 (Fax)