Marta Bohn-Meyer: NASA Flight Researcher

June 17, 2007 0

When NASA received three SR-71s from the Air Force in 1990, Bohn-Meyer’s expertise and F-104 experience made her an easy choice for one of two flight engineer slots for the aircraft. […]

Jimmy Doolittle – Aviation Star

May 27, 2007 0

Jimmy Doolittle excelled at every aspect of aviation. A daredevil pilot, aeronautical engineer, combat leader, and record-holder, Doolittle was a multi-talented pioneer. […]

Chuck Yeager

May 20, 2007 0

Throughout his career, Yeager displayed distinguished courage and performed several extraordinarily brave deeds. […]

Lockheed’s Early Years, 1912-1940

April 15, 2007 0

The Lockheed Company, one of the giants in the modern aerospace industry, began in 1912 when the Loughead brothers, Allan and Malcolm, formed the Alco Hydro-Aeroplane Company in San Francisco. […]

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