Mig Sweep

February 3, 2008 0

The North Vietnamese thought they were attacking bomb-laden F-105s. What they ran into was Robin Olds and the Wolfpack, flying Phantom F-4s. […]

The B-52 Story

January 21, 2008 0

The Boeing B-52 has been around so long and has become so familiar that we sometimes forget just how remarkable an airplane it is. There are some obvious things to note, and surely its longevity, performance, and adaptability stand out. […]

Experimental Aircraft

December 23, 2007 0

Over the years, the style and character of experimental aircraft, and particularly their use, have changed fundamentally, to the great advantage of science and to the loss of romance. […]


February 13, 2005 0

At two-forty-five PM on a smoggy August 23, 1954 afternoon, the prototype for the next century of transports took to the air in Burbank California, carrying with it Lockheed’s extravagant hopes for a production run of as many as one hundred aircraft. […]

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