C-130 Short Field Landings

October 7, 2007 0

One of the most fascinating capabilities of the C-130, Hercules in all of its non-extended variants is the ability to conduct short field operations. […]

Flight Test Exuma

September 23, 2007 0

Exuma is an island in the Bahamas Island chain. It lies about 300 miles from Miami and about 150 miles south of Nassau. The only way in or out is by boat or by air, and in 1992 there was no regular service of either. […]

MC-130 Zero Offset Testing

August 26, 2007 0

The MC-130H, Combat Talon II is a sneaky secret infiltration/exfiltration aircraft designed to take special operations forces and cargo deep behind enemy lines. […]

How to Hide a Herc

August 5, 2007 0

This is a true story. The names have been changed, but the incident occurred almost exactly as recorded here. […]

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