3DEXPERIENCE Center Wichita – Dassault Systemes

December 24, 2017 0

3DEXPERIENCE Center Wichita – Dassault Systems. Acclerating Innovation with the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) using the latest technologies for advanced product development and manufacturing at the 3DEXPERIENCE Center at Wichita State University.

Flying to the USA in a Citation Mustang

December 23, 2017 0

Flying a ferry flight from or to Wichita and other destinations is a common practice for many pilots. This is a private flight ferrying the aircraft for the owner from Paris to Miami. Beautiful video.

My First Solo Flight – Cessna 150

December 22, 2017 0

This is Solveig Eike departing from Sturup, Malmo, Sweden – November 9, 2016. Follow her journey on Instagram on www.instagram.com/Solveigeike. Experienced typical Scandinavian weather, but an amazing flight and experience.

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