Hawker Beechcraft EBACE Convention

December 27, 2010 0

Intake Studio is a full-service video production and motion design boutique. Staffed by professionals with backgrounds in broadcast production, graphic design, advertising and marketing, Intake prides itself as being a creative extension to its clients abilities […]

El Dorado Canyon

December 19, 2010 0

Air Force and Navy aircraft crossed Qaddafi’s “Line of Death” to strike the terrorist state of Libya. […]

A Winter Flight Over New Mexico

December 19, 2010 0

A beautiful winter morning on the high plains of eastern New Mexico. There was not a cloud in the sky for hundreds of miles and temps were in the low 30’s. A great day to go fly. […]


December 19, 2010 0

The versatile “swing wing” F-111, unofficially named the “Aardvark” until its retirement ceremony on July 27, 1996, when the name was made official, entered the USAF inventory in 1967. […]

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