The Final Salute

October 12, 2008 0

The Final Salute, the debut novel by Kathleen Rodgers, is about the aftermath of plane crashes, the tight bond between military pilots, and how crewmembers and military families cope after terrible tragedies. […]

Olive Ann Beech

October 5, 2008 0

Universally recognized as the First Lady of Aviation, Olive Ann Beech, has the distinguished honor to be named the first Kansan inducted into the Kansas Aviation Hall of Fame. […]

Sputnik and the Crisis That Followed

October 5, 2008 0

Sputnik (translated as “satellite” or “traveling companion of the Earth”), trailing four metal antennas, passed through the skies over the launch site confirming that a human-made moon was now orbiting the Earth. The “Space Age” had begun. […]