April 29, 2007 0

Aviation owes much to a farm boy whose name became synonymous with monoplanes and played a major role in making Wichita the “Air Capital of the World.” […]

Stealth aircraft

April 29, 2007 0

A stealth aircraft is an aircraft which has been designed to absorb and deflect radar by using stealth technology, making them harder to detect than conventional aircraft. […]

Lockheed’s Early Years, 1912-1940

April 15, 2007 0

The Lockheed Company, one of the giants in the modern aerospace industry, began in 1912 when the Loughead brothers, Allan and Malcolm, formed the Alco Hydro-Aeroplane Company in San Francisco. […]

Blackstar (spaceplane)

April 1, 2007 0

Blackstar, is the reported codename of a secret United States orbital spaceplane system. The possible existence of the Blackstar program was reported in March 2006 by Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine. […]