Carmine Vito: U-2 Pilot

December 11, 2005 0

Carmine Vito is the only U-2 pilot to fly directly over Moscow. His flight was the third operational flight over potentially hostile territory. […]

The X Planes

November 27, 2005 0

The unique family of mostly exotic research aircraft that first came into being with the advent of Bell Aircraft Corporation’s X-1 of 1945. […]

Boeing History: The Model 40A

November 27, 2005 0

The model 40a was the first Boeing airplane to carry passengers, with room for two people in a tiny cabin, as well as cargo space for mail. […]

Boeing Model P-12/F4B

November 19, 2005 0

Early in 1928, Boeing built two new fighter biplanes using bolted aluminum tubing for the fuselage’s inside structure. […]

Sport Pilot License in a Week?

October 23, 2005 0

The sport pilot/light-sport aircraft rule is a set of regulations finalized by FAA that creates a new pilot certificate category – called sport pilot – and a new class of aircraft – called light-sport aircraft. […]

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