Deterrence 101 Module 1 – Foundations of Deterrence!

December 26, 2021 0

Deterrence 101 is a collection of three thirty-minute long videos that explore core deterrence theory. Each video, created by CSIS Project on Nuclear Issues (PONI), describes basic deterrence concepts, roots these ideas in a historical […]

Tensions at the Border: Ukraine, Russia, and the West!

December 19, 2021 0

Panelists discuss the massing of Russian troops and escalating tensions at the Ukraine-Russia border, as well as potential diplomatic and military responses for the United States and NATO. From COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS.

WATCH LIVE VIDEO: New Shepard Mission NS-19 Webcast

December 11, 2021 0

Blue Origin will conduct its third human spaceflight Saturday, December 11, the first with six astronauts on board. The astronaut manifest includes, Laura Shepard Churchley, Michael Strahan, Evan Dick, Dylan Taylor, Cameron Bess, and Lane […]

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