Harry Hillaker – Father of the F-16

August 27, 2006 0

The F-16 introduced many successful technologies. Fly-by-wire and relaxed static stability gave the F-16 a quantum leap in air combat capability over other fighters when it was introduced and this technology still makes the aircraft an unmatched competitor today. […]

Aerobatic Flight

August 20, 2006 0

All eyes on the ground are fixated on the vintage World War II Stearman as it plummets from the
sky, spiraling downward toward certain disaster. […]

Airport security

August 13, 2006 0

Today, aviation security is high on the list of priorities of air travelers, the Federal Government, and the international air community. In the earliest days of aviation, however, aviation security was only a minor concern. […]

Israeli Air Force

August 6, 2006 0

The Israeli Air Force is the air force of the Israel Defense Forces and currently operates around 900 aircraft. […]